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User Testimonials

  • This Mac DVD Creator is the most easy-to-use one that I have ever used.
  • How happy I am when I watch the DVDs created by myself! Thanks for your all the best program, I like it so much!
  • I am very satisfied with all its functions like trimming, cropping and adjusting video effect.
  • I am really impressed with this software. What I can say is that I am able to create my very first slideshow in just a few minutes.
  • I love the fast speed of the conversion and the high customization, which fully satisfy my needs.
  • I see no quality lost from the original DVD, that is absolutely what I want.
  • Nice tool! I almost can burn my favourite videos to DVD perfectly.

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How to Convert Halloween Movies to DVD on Mac?

What is your favorite Halloween movie?

halloween 1978

As to this question, I believe most people would say Halloween (1978) without a second thought.

Yes, "Halloween" is a horror genre MUST-SEE, and has been the favorite movie to many people like me. The original film, Halloween, was released in 1978. Written by John Carpenter and Debra Hill, and directed by John Carpenter. Even though watched it long time ago, it overviews still very clear in my mind.


Brutal, emotionless Michael Myers stabs his sister to death at age six on Halloween night in 1963; on October 30, 1978, he escapes from a mental institution and institutes a new reign of terror in his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois. He is pursued the whole time by a psychiatrist (Donald Pleasence) who knows just how evil this young man is.


This film scared the poop out of nearly everyone who saw it. If it didn't scare you when you were a kid, you probably grew up to be a serial killer (in which case the movie initially played like an instructional video for you).


How to Convert Halloween to DVD on Mac for Lasting Collection?

As such a classic movie, I think every movie lovers would like to keep and collect it forever but didn't find a proper way. Here I would like to introduce a safe and efficient way to keep your favorite movies. That is to convert your favorite movies to DVD. You may think it is a little trouble, follow the next steps, however, you may find all the process is so easy. Let's have a check:


Step1 Launch Videos to DVD Converter on Mac


Step2 Add your favorite movies like “Halloween” into the DVD Creator
Whatever the movie format is, you can add it to the DVD Creator by dragging the movie that you want to burn to the list, or just click the “Add” button to add it into the DVD Creator.

convert halloween movies to dvd add

Step3 Design your DVD menu (optional).
This Movie-to-DVD Creator also allows you to design and create your own DVD menu or add background picture as well as music to make your DVD more personalized. For more details, you can go to the step by step guide to teach you How to Create Personalized DVD Menu on Mac

Step4 Start to burn movies to DVD on your Mac by clicking the “Start” button.
Now you have finished all the burning process and can enjoy or keep your favorite movies as DVD for a lasting time.

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